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Join Us in reaching our goal of $125,000

SeaBreeze Camp has a heritage of God’s presence and a time of fellowship of God’s people.  In the midst of the winter up north, for over 50 years those from up north have come down for a mid-winter break.  Over the years hundreds have received help spiritually, physically, and many other ways.  Some use it as their vacation time, while others, such as pastors and christian workers, use it as a time of spiritual renewing.  Whatever your situation is, Seabreeze Camp needs YOUR help to pass this tradition on to future generations.

Our 2014 goal is $125,000

We are asking those of you who pledged in the 2013 Seabreeze Camp to consider pledging again.  If you haven’t paid last years pledge we ask you do to so.  We realize situations change and finances may not be what they were when you pledged.  This is why we believe in faith pledges.  If you can’t pay your pledge, we ask you to pray for SeaBreeze Camp.  If you are one who didn’t pledge, but you feel God putting it on your heart to give, please do so.

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2014 Camp Brochure – Folded Version

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